Barclays expands its bPay mobile payments range

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Barclays’ bPay is a range of wearable technology including key fobs, a wristband and stickers that enable customers to pay for everyday items

In 2014 UK consumers spent over £19,000 every second using their credit and debit cards. Now Barclays has expanded its range of contactless payment devices, with the launch of a key fob, stickers and an updated bPay wristband that can now be used by children over 12.

Barclays was one of the only UK high-street banks not to be included in the announcement of the launch of Apple Pay, which made its UK debut earlier this month. Instead, the bank has rolled out its own range of payment devices.

Anyone can use the gadgets as long as they have a UK-registered Visa card or MasterCard. The devices will work in a similar way to contactless cards, but they must be pre-loaded with cash, which can be done online or via an app.

The three devices allow bPay customers to make contactless payments of up to £20 at dozens of high-street shops  including Marks & Spencer, McDonald’s and the London Underground.

The wristband costs £24.99, the key fob £19.99, and the sticker, which can be stuck to a mobile phone to transform it into a contactless device, is £14.99.

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