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Bo Bo, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

To call Bo Bo quirky would be to undersell its finer points. True, the hotel lies in Buenos Aires's bohemian quarter—and it fits its location well. And true enough, its rooms are each, in their own way, slightly off the wall, with kitsch flashes of colour and splodges of pop art displaying a sense of humour that's as bold as clown school. But to brand this charming hotel as merely quirky ignores the attention to detail. Its creature comforts, including DVD players, free cocktails on arrival and, in the Argentina suite, a delightful hot tub, are almost enough to tempt you away from the suave, tree-lined streets outside.

The hotel's name is a play on David Brooks's book, Bobos in Paradise. Bobos were Brooks's 1990s idealists—rich, successful yuppie descendents, whose sensibilities were a marriage of 1960s freedom and Reagan-esque greed. There's a strong sense of the bourgeois and the bohemian at Bo Bo: it's as if the term boho chic was born here.

The large, 1920s mansion block has seven different rooms of increasing decadence, whose names offer a clue to the style within. Try Pop for its unique colour scheme, or Argentina for its roomy, decked terrace. The restaurant downstairs (which seemed permanently empty) knocks out a fair to middling breakfast, but perhaps Bo Bo's biggest advantage is its location: right in the heart of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires's most promising foodie hub.


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