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Flowers in the attic

Attic discovery puts iconic textile designer Mary White back in vogue 60 years on

During the 1950s, Mary White's famous print creations graced the interiors of some of the world's most famous buildings and ocean liners. Her most acclaimed pieces were sold through Liberty's and Heals. But with the demands of a young family during the 1960s, White took the decision to retire from textile design, neatly filing all her work away in the attic, where it remained a secret—until now.

The hidden treasure chest of designs was rediscovered by White's son and daughter-in-law—Jeremy and Sarah Denning—when White allowed them to take a look around her attic. The couple set up the fashion house Pigletchops and are now using the designs—which came to define the chic lifestyle that emerged from the ruins of the Second World War and a rationing ravaged Britain—in a range of limited edition casual shirts for men.


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