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Enduring Passion: The Story of the Mercedes-Benz Brand

Book review

Lesley Butterfield is a lifelong Mercedes fan. He’s also a branding guru. So it’s no surprise that he has combined the two to write the first history of the Mercedes brand.

While it may sound very business-oriented, full access to the Mercedes archives has allowed Butterfield to make Enduring Passion a fascinating read. As he explains: “We found some amazing papers in the archive, including the real story of where the famous three-pointed star came from.”

Stuffed with previously unseen photographs, the book’s historical content stretches right back to 1886 and the invention of the car by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. It is matched by the personal and social stories of the key players, including a murder. Enduring Passion: The Story of the Mercedes-Benz Brand is published by Wiley.




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