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Nigel Botterill

by Amy Duff

The Entrepreneur and author rates deadlines as the most important factor in his success

Nigel Botterill has embraced social media and in March he tweeted the entire contents of his book The Botty Rules. The founder of five business brands says his group had its best year in 2010 because it adapted to the marketplace and worked harder. "It's easy to go soft on yourself, particularly when times are hard. That's a really big mistake."

As a business owner, says Botterill, you're 100 per cent responsible for what happens to your company. Don't blame the economy, the government or the recession. "If the profits aren't where you want them to be then you have to wake up and take ownership of that. No one else will fix it for you," he says. "My job as an entrepreneur is to get on and build our business. What happens in my house and my street is a lot more important for my business than what happens in Downing Street."

He rates deadlines as the most important factor in his success. "The good news is: you're your own boss. The bad news is: you're your own boss. There's no one to keep your feet to the fire but deadlines do. The more public you make your deadlines, the more effective they are at helping you to get stuff done. The major difference between successful businesses and the rest is that the successful ones get more stuff done. Deadlines play a big part in that."